Start of Season Marches and Protests

March came and started the season by marches and protests worldwide .

why we continue to use the same technique , the same negative strategy. We see organizations that are taking turns for making strikes and protests to complain about ; education,  health, work , wages , etc … The big question is what are the results ! ?

We have a political journalist to amaze and confuses the public, I mix it with jet set , with political and social leaders who claim much but do not substantive proposals . And to think that the community leaders and opinion leaders today are shaping the future for our grandchildren? With Strikes and protests ?

Society today suffers from the same problems in most countries , some more than others . And it’s not a problem of the current government , is state problem because they are not have the basis ways for finding accords with the view of those affected and / or with the view of handling social issues.

If the society is doing the same , continuing strikes, protests and strikes , continue to have the same results. Today Communications and technology are helping us , however the People have to channel their reviews to find agreements and generate social change without hatred or violence. Today people are more informed and more educated , and have the obligation to help the less fortunate, do not swindle and deceive.

As always marches bring us excesses and to get damages that costing millions to the government. Money that could be spent on improving education or health

Just remember that the social tool to channel all reviews transparently and reliably already exists and is called Zakinché . If you do not understand today, no matter, just starting to use it and soon we see the results.

These are some of the First Marches and Protests of the Season ;

The Mercury; Venezuela – March against the government of Nicolas Maduro

140404 mercurio 1

Spain ; Students’ Union – General Strike

140404 mercurio 2 Paraguay – General Strike

140404 mercurio 3

El Mercurio : Chile – The March of All Marches

140404 mercurio 4 140404 mercurio 5 140404 mercurio 6

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Your review serious and responsible is the means, the tool is Zakinché.

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